This is Bridie

Challenging you to Fundraise.

Challenging you to Fundraise.

Hi, I’m Bridie Nelson.  I bring people, communities and small charities together to enjoy amazing fundraising experiences.

I used to be a shy, nervous, ‘stay at home mum’ living an ordinary hum drum life.  Then one day I discovered adventure, and it changed my world to amazing!

This is how it all began: 20 years ago I was a timid, bullied housewife and a ‘stay at home’ mum looking after two small children. I didn’t go out to work and my main goal each day was to make sure that me and my children stayed on the right side of my abusive partner. A friend of the family had a spare place on an outdoor training course he was running and he asked me to go along.

I was very nervous about saying yes.  I was frightened of leaving my children for almost a week, I was scared of being with people I didn’t know. I was afraid that I wouldn’t fit in.  I remember introducing myself as a ‘jam making, cake baking, stay at home mum, with nothing much to offer’

That week changed my life. The experience gave me inner strength. Confidence to start on a different path. Courage to stand up for myself. The belief that I could have a better future.

Within 9 months I’d left my partner, gone back to college and started a part time job at the outdoor training centre.

Since then I’ve gone on to enjoy many adventures – abseiling (forwards and backwards!), climbing, kayaking, caving, white water rafting, microlighting, firewalking… I love to constantly push back my personal boundaries.  I’ve also trained as an Investors in People adviser, an NVQ assessor and a Personal Development coach (qualified with distinction).

It hasn’t always been easy for me and in 2004 major health issues stopped me from being able to walk, drive and work. It was devastating for someone who was always so active and because there wasn’t a support group at the time for people with the rare autoimmune condition I’d developed, I decided to create a small charity that now supports hundreds of people with the condition.  This was my introduction to the voluntary sector – and to funding issues – I later went on to work for the Charities Information Bureau and several other voluntary sector organisations.

Because I understand how difficult it is for smaller charitable organisations to raise funding, I have set myself a goal;  As The Fundraising Challenger, through my fundraising events I am dedicating myself to raising one million pounds for charity within my lifetime.  YOU can help me achieve this!

I have a unique story to tell and I know that my experiences can help others to find the confidence to ‘have a go’.


If you are looking for something to challenge you, something to help you give something back to a cause that has a very special meaning for you, then you have come to the right place!

Bridie is an action loving adventurer who also enjoys gentle walks in the beautiful countryside near her home.  She paints and is currently writing her first poetry book, she has been an active member of a world music group, she plays the piano and loves to live a simple life. She is the proud mum of two grown up children, Adrian and Kathy and lives in Hampshire with her husband and business partner Jeff and their two cats; Pixie and Jinxie.

Give me a call on 01730 828815 or email